Susanne Gervay and Jack’s Ponto!

Susanne Gervay at Penrith PS

Today, our school was graced by the presence of author Susanne Gervay, of “I am Jack” fame. All the attendees (Years 3-6) had been well prepped via serialised readings from “I am Jack” all this term, so it was great to see the book come to life with Susanne’s witty and frenetic presentation.

Susanne, the Ponto and Mrs Mead

Mrs Mead tried to keep up with all of Susanne’s jokes, anecdotes and anti-bullying strategies, signing for the hearing support students. Can you see Mr McLean’s growing prop of “Jack’s Ponto” in the above pic?

Ian McLean and Jack's Ponto
Mr McLean and Jack’s Ponto, photographed by Susanne Gervay

Susanne Gervay at Penrith PSwhiteSusanne Gervay at Penrith PS

Thanks Susanne for a wonderful author visit. Susanne has blogged about the day as well.

Susanne loved the story of our historic library mural (Click on the link to see the Photo Peach slideshow)!

for the future...

Frané Lessac visits!

Frané sketches Duffy

To help us celebrate Children’s Book Week, award-winning illustrator Frané Lessac came to talk about her career with students in K-2. We had prepared for her visit by looking at several of her picture books, including “Simpson and his donkey”, which was written by her husband, author Mark Greenwood.

Frané and her audience

Frané's mock-up book

Frané enthralled us with anecdotes about the pet monkey she had as a child in New Jersey, USA, and her time living on a tiny island which was almost totally destroyed when its volcano erupted. She painted a picture of Duffy, Simpson’s donkey, and showed a slideshow of her other picture books, including several about Australian bushrangers.

We had a great time! Thank you, Frané – and Lateral Learning!

Frané's volcano
Frané’s volcano

Frané Lessac's completed artwork of Duffy
Frané completed artwork of Duffy

Frané’s pet cat usually drinks the contents of her paint-water cup, which is one reason she tries to always use non toxic paints.

Frané's brush technique

The first Book Week displays arrive!

Family forest display

Congratulations to Class 1H for creating this beautiful display for the library on the picture book, “Family forest”!

One world...white... Many stories

And congratulations to Class 5/6P for creating this great mobile on the Book Week theme. The face of the peace symbol (above right) is covered with miniature books, created by the students.

These and other class displays are also in a Flickr slideshow.

Homemade puppet theatre
A homemade puppet theatre from a 1/2S student!

Ready to rap

Book Week 2011 book rap
Book Week 2011 book rap

Hello, this is Penrith Public School. We are in Stage 1 but we are from five different classes. There are fifteen of us doing the Book Week 2011: One world, many stories book rap.

Penrith is in western Sydney. Sometimes it is hot in Penrith in summer but it can be cold in winter. Our school is near Westfield Penrith Plaza. We are halfway to Katoomba. Our school has lots of trees and buildings. Some of our buildings are brand new, including the library and two classrooms.

Last Friday, our school had Pedlars’ Fair. K-2 dressed up as pedlars and brought trays of things to sell. And more. Stage 2 and Stage 3 helped with fairground games.

On National Tree Day, some students got to plant tiny little trees because it helps our planet.

When people come to our school, they quickly make lots of friends. Our core values are: learning; cooperating; respect; and environment.

We like working on the IWB with Mr McLean, our teacher librarian.. Last year some of us did the “Travelling Fearless” project with lots of other schools. We showed Fearless the puppy around the school and made our photos into a slideshow. It was terrific.

See you later. We hope you enjoyed our message.
From 15 students from 1/2A, 1/2G, 1/2S, 1/2K and 1H.

Blast from the past!

Former student and now professional author, Cassandra Golds, found this Youtube link and wanted to share it:

“These are the various musical groups at Penrith Primary School, recorded in 1972, when I was in Year 4. I can’t get over how good they are! Mr Doug Pope, who I adored, is conducting the band and the drums in the final item are played by Mr Rose, who I also adored.”

1. Battle Hymn of the Republic – Brass Band
2. Humpty Dumpty – Senior Choir
3. Air – Flute Band
4. Six Little Ducks – Guitar Club
5. Gone the Rainbow – Recorder Band
6. Swinging Safari – Recorders and Guitars.

Many thanks, Cassandra, what a thrill!

Side 2 is HERE.

7. Pokare Kare Ana – Junior Choir
8. Morning has Broken – Recorder Band
9. We Shall Not Be Moved – Guitar Club
10. Bonnie Dundee – Flute Band
11. Hello Dolly – Brass Band.

Recorded at the school hall to vinyl in 1972. Audio digitised and video produced by Richard Hamilton, 2010.